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Michael Noyk Irish Republican and solicitor during the Irish War of Independence. Robert Briscoe, member of the Irish Republican Army during the Anglo-Irish War and twice Lord Mayor of Dublin (1956 and 1961). Ben Briscoe (son of Robert Briscoe), former Fianna Fáil T.D. and Lord Mayor of Dublin (1988).

Ireland Military Pensions and Medals 1916-1922 Explore more than 50,000 Irish military pension and medal records from Military Archives, Defence Forces Ireland . Did your ancestor serve during the Easter Rising or the War of Independence as a member of the Óglaigh na hÉireann, National Army, Irish Republican Army, Irish Volunteers, Irish ... Dec 27, 2009 · can you tell me any good IRA(irish republican army) movies? i find the whole 'ira' so fascinating and i want to know more about it ..its all very new to me and i have so many things i want to understand better, so can you help me out on some good movies i can watch, ive already watched '50 dead men walking',so dont reccomend that.. thank you!

Tracing the development of the Irish Republican Army following Ireland’s Declaration of Independence, this book focuses on the recruitment, training, and arming of Ireland’s military volunteers and the Army’s subsequent guerrilla campaign against British rule. During this time the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was formed in 1919. This continuing rebellion finally brought about a partition of Ireland, in 1921, into northern and southern halves. Southern Ireland finally became the Irish Free State while Northern Ireland remained under the rule of the United Kingdom where the IRA (and Sinn Féin) still actively campaign for a free and reunified Ireland. For almost a century, several different paramilitary groups purveying Irish republicanism have carried variants of the IRA name. IRA members patrolling the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1972. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) can trace its origins to the 19th Century Fenian Brotherhood of ... This article investigates the impact of British informers and agents on Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) military strategy and British counter-insurgency strategy in Northern Ireland between 1976 and 1994.

On the British mainland, the IRA carried out a handful of largely terrorist operations. Among the most audacious: the failed assassination in December 1919 of John Pinkstone French, the British viceroy and supreme commander of the British Army in Ireland, and the burning of 17 Liverpool warehouses in November 1920. 1 day ago · Against this the Irish Republican Army had become increasingly active, with concerted attacks on RIC barracks in January 1920. Nonetheless the British government believed that it could put down the Republicans and they hoped that the elections of 1920 would see a rejection of Sinn Féin, or at least a severe drop in support. 41. What event virtually ended the republican movement in Britain in 1871? Victoria sent in the Army to crush republican demonstrations; The Prince of Wales made a sudden recovery from illness on the anniversary of his father's death; The outbreak of the Boer War encouraged renewed solidarity with the Crown