Khsaa cheerleading scores sheets

COLORADO HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION CHEER JUDGING FORM FOR STATE COMPETITION If you wish to use the State CHSAA Scoresheet please contact the CHSAA Office. CHSAA Scoresheets should only be used by the CHSAA Approved Judges that have attended the interpreter training and have been prepared to use the scoresheet.

2015-16 JAMZ All Star Scoring Update For the past 7 years, JAMZ has always been at the forefront of innovations in scoring and judging in the All Star community. From custom computer scoring systems, complete transparency in scores given to all teams by each judge, 1 and 2 point difficulty ranges, and last year, the Universal Score Sheet, JAMZ ...

Jan 22, 2019 · Mastering your scoresheet! Every cheer coach has tunnel vision when it comes to mastering their cheerleading scoresheet. In the midst of competitive season, we notice coaches start to go into panic mode and recklessly upgrade or change half of the cheer routines after every comp. BIG MISTAKE! judges score sheet cheerleader candidate # _____ in each category, circle the score that best reflects the performance of the candidate using the rating scale provided below. rating scale: 0=not present 1=poor 2=below average 3=average 4=above average 5=excellent if you make a mistake on the scoresheet, please cross out the incorrect

UNIVERSAL CHEERLEADERS ASSOCIATION SCHOOL / REC CHEER JUDGING SHEET. Team Name Division Judge No. Crowd Leading - (15 Points) Points Score. Crowd Effective Material - Voice, Pace & Flow 5. Ability & Energy to Lead the Crowd 5. Proper Use of Signs, Poms or Megaphones & Motion Technique 5. Skill Incorporations - (15 Points) Points Score. Jan 21, 2014 · The USASF Worlds Score Sheet Committee and the NACCC Universal Score Sheet Committee have been collaborating to align scoring philosophies and direction with the goal of establishing one scoring standard for All Star that can be utilized at all events, including The Cheerleading Worlds. As a result of a recommendation from the 09-10 IHSA Competitive Cheerleading Advisory Committee, an Ad Hoc Committee met this past spring to review the current competitive cheer rubric and scoresheet. At that meeting a revised scoresheet and rubric was created. A VARSITY SPI RIT BRAND Universal Dance Association Score Sheet Team Name_____ Judge Number_____ DIVISION: