Gulf asian english school admission.

The Gulf English School provides the National Curriculum of England and Wales, taught in the English language, for eligible and qualified students of all nationalities. Criteria for enrolment include age, English language proficiency, previous school records, learning achievement, special learning needs considerations, and space availability.

Admission Fee : Registration Fee : AED 200, Admission Fee :AED 400 to be paid at the time of admission with the tuition fee. The student will be permitted to appear for the school examinations if their fees are not paid. However they will not be entitled to receive their certificate unless fees are paid. Ryan International school is situated at Sharjah muwela school zone. Itâ s very next to Gulf Asian English School. The teachers and management are good and they give the reasonable education to the students of this school. Very recently they had renovated the school and added new facilities in the school

Gulf Asian English School is located in United Arab Emirates & is affiliated to CBSE Board. This school offers facilities like library, laboratories, well ventilated classrooms & a play area. Rachana School ‘environment’ has been a part of all subjects that are taught to students. This year Rachana School joined hands with ‘ centre for environment education ahmedabad’ to make the entire learning programme more effective and enjoyable.

You might definitely wanna go to one of GEMS schools.. Like Our Own Engish High) or some high end schools if u have the requirements. I certainly do not consider other schools less efficient, but being a former student there I can assure u that th... Gulf Asian English School (GAES) is an Indian CBSE curriculum school (also called Gulf Asian Indian School, or Gulf Asian High School). Contact details according to some sources are telephone +971-6-5356422, fax +971-6-5650223 and +971-6-5547123 (fax +971-6-547123 is an old format number, not enough digits). Additional email address gaschool ... Private schools in the city include the Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah English School, Emirates National school, American Community School Sharjah, Indian School Sharjah, the International School of Choueifat, Sharjah, Sharjah High School, DPS Delhi Private School, Gulf Asian English School, Our Own English High School, And American school of ... Confusion over admission age for KG1 children. ... The Gulf Asian English School in Sharjah and the Indian School in Ras Al Khaimah also confirmed that its new admission age for KG1 is now four ... Details of Gulf Asian English School phone number, address, email and website - Schools, SCHOOLS,