Am79c875ki datasheet

MC9RS08KA8 Series MCU Data Sheet, Rev. 4 Electrical Characteristics 6 Freescale Semiconductor 3.3 Absolute Maximum Ratings Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only, and functional operation at the maxima is not guaranteed. Stress beyond th e limits specified in Table 3 may affect device reliability or cause permanent damage to the device.

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E18-D80NK-N Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch Manual Tel:010-62669059 E-mail:[email protected] This is an infrared distance switch. MOTOROLA MC34118 1. Voice Switched Speakerphone Circuit. Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit. The MC34118 Voice Switched Speakerphone Circuit incorporates the necessary amplifiers, attenuators, level detectors, and control algorithm to form the heart of a high quality hands--free speakerphone system. The HV9918 is a PWM controller IC designed to drive high brightness LEDs using a buck topology. It operates from an input voltage of 4.5 to 40VDC and employs hysteretic control with a high-side current sense resistor to set the constant output current up to 700mA.