Corn snake care sheets

Milk Snake Care Sheet Common Name: Milk Snake Latin name: Lampropeltis triangulum Native to: Southeastern Canada to northern South America Size: From 6" to 28" for L. t. elapsoides, the Scarlet Kingsnake to 16" to 48" for L. t. gaigeae the Black Milk Snake and L. t. hondurensis, the Honduran Milk Snake. Life span: 20+ years, average is 15 years.

The prey size should equal the largest part of the snake’s body in girth. Habitat - Corn Snakes come from the Southeastern US up to the New Jersey area. In the wild they are found in open grass and wood lands. Keep the cage warm and dry and provide plenty of places for hiding. Corn Snakes may be kept alone or in groups.

Corn snake CARE SHEET The corn snake, ENVIRONMENT The enclosure, called a vivarium, must be secure to prevent escape and free from hazards that might cause injury. Good ventilation is essential to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria and it should be made from a solid material that is easy to clean and holds heat.

Dec 22, 2017 · Corn Snake Care Corn snakes are known for their calm temperament and they generally thrive in captivity if provided with a few basic necessities. The care of corn snakes is relatively easy once you have correctly set up and equipped an enclosure. Handling: Wash your hands with a good antibacterial soap before and after handling your snake. Corn Snake are one of the most popular and variable pet snake species. You can get a corn snake in almost any color or pattern! The colors and patterns, known as morphs or cultivars, each have their own interesting origin story. Corn snakes are justifiably one of the most popular pet snakes of all time. Corn snakes come in many beautiful colors, and are hardy and docile. This care sheet is not all of the information required to care for a corn snake properly, but it is a start. If you own a corn snake or plan on purchasing one, it is YOUR responsibility to thoroughly research the needs of your pet, doing so will make both your lives easier.