Bf881 transistor datasheet

Features, Applications: 140 W LDMOS RF power transistor for broadcast transmitter applications and industrial applications. The transistor can deliver 140 W from to 1 GHz.

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Features, Applications: Silicon Spreading Resistance Temperature Sensor in Leaded Plastic Package. Features Temperature dependent Resistor with Positive Temperature Coefficient Small plastic package Fast response High reliability due to multilayer gold contacts n-conducting silicon crystal Polarity independent due to symmetrical construction Available selected ± 1% tolerance groups Electrical ... vergleichsliste halbleiter 1n4936 = byd33m 2206cp = xr2206 24c01n = x24c01 24c02n = x24c02 24c04n = x24c04 24c08 = x24c08 2n2904 = 2n2905 2n3525 = 2n4101 2n3773 = mj15015 2n3822 = 2sk55 2n5400 = 2n5401 2sa1094 = 2sa1295 2sa1095 = 2sa1295 2sa1102 = 2sb817 2sa1106 = 2sb817 2sa1186 = 2sb817 2sa1216 = 2sa1295 2sa1265 = 2sb817 2sa1301 = 2sa1943 2sa1302 = 2sa1943 2sa1491 = 2sa1294 2sa1667 = 2sa1606 ... BF872 - BF872 PNP High Voltage Transistor Datasheet - Buy BF872. Technical Information - Philips Semiconductors BF872 Datasheet.

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