Ef20 bobbin datasheet

Use option to add E-Shield windings in PI Transformer Designer software to reduce conducted EMI noise generation. To lower the no-load power consumption even further, use an optional bias supply circuit to feed the rated data sheet current (through a series resistor) to the BP/M pin of U1.

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Transformer Coilformers at element14. Competitive prices from the leading Transformer Coilformers distributor. Check our stock now! 85°C surface mount electrolytic capacitors.Supplied on tape for automatic placement, and designed for reflow soldering processes. Hitano ELV series N.B. Supplied only in full reel quantities as listed below. EE20/10/6 (EF20) 10-Terminal, THT, Vertical Core Data Core Part Number Area (A e) (mm2) Length (L e) (mm) Volume (V e) (mm3) Dimensions & Footprint Estimated Maximum Power Level Bobbin Winding Area Bobbin Part Number Width (mm) Build (mm) Perimeter (mm) 070-5248 12.50 3.00 30.23 2 Path Length (L e) 3 150-1945 32.00 46.00 1472.00 Applications n Lighting n Metering

TDK offers a wide variety of Mn-Zn ferrite materials optimized for their application purposes. The products are also available in various profiles, including materials with standard shapes that are compliant with international standards as well as unique and specialized shapes. DATA SHEET STATUS PRODUCT STATUS DEFINITIONS Preliminary specification Development This data sheet contains preliminary data. Ferroxcube reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in order to improve design and supply the best possible product. Product specification Production This data sheet contains final specifications.