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Format axis for Excel chart in C# By default, Excel sets the axis properties automatically for charts. These properties include axis options like maximum & minimum value, major & minor unit, major & minor tick mark type, axis labels position, axis across value and whether values in reverse order.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Start Excel, and then open the workbook that contains the Excel chart. Right-click the Category Axis that is contained in the Excel chart, and then perform one or both of the following actions: Click Format Axis, and then follow these steps: In the Format Axis dialog box, click Axis Options. In a chart you create, axis labels are shown below the horizontal (category, or "X") axis, next to the vertical (value, or "Y") axis, and next to the depth axis (in a 3-D chart). Your chart uses text from its source data for these axis labels.

I'm writing vb script to generate charts. On the X axis, I have have the date and on the Y axis, the temp. On the X axis I want to present time with the format "dd-mm".

Feb 02, 2010 ยท Go to the Format tab, and in the dropdown box at the top left of your Ribbon that says Chart Area, and select the axis you want to flip (normally it's the Vertical (Category) Axis, at least in my experience): Next click the Format Selection button directly beneath the dropdown list to open Axis Options: Change Axis Options. Click anywhere on the chart that you want to modify. Choose Chart Tools Layout> Labels> Axis Titles. Select Primary Horizontal Axis Title or Primary Vertical Axis Title. Choose an Axis title location. For the Horizontal axis, your choice is only Below the Axis (or None).