Cambium ptp 600 datasheet

Cambium Networks’ PTP 650 Series wireless bridges are based on the industry-vetted, field-proven Cambium Networks technologies that drive our best-in-class PTP 600 systems. That means you can be confident that the PTP 650 system you choose will deliver the reliability and performance promised,

“Cambium Networks strives to lead the wireless communications industry with a relentless spirit of innovation, dedication, and goodness. We accomplish this mission by providing affordable, high quality, and superbly performant broadband connectivity for every person in the world - even in the toughest and most remote locales. Through Cambium Network’s unique combination of technologies, PTP 600 Series solutions enhance link performance in a variety of applications, including T1 replacement, Voice - over-IP, video surveillance, distance learning, telemedicine, and high -speed backhaul. The cryptographic boundary of the wireless unit is the unit’s external casing.

The PTP 600 was the only solution that could provide a high-performance, carrier-grade connection in this environment. With the excess throughput, we can begin to explore new opportunities that the bandwidth enables." - Dominic Landucci, National Undersea Research Center. Cambium Networks PTP 600. PTP 600 Brochure; PTP 600 Spec Sheet Oct 21, 2014 · These may be purchased from your Cambium reseller. The part numbers are as follows WB2312H PTP 600 Series Multi-Mode Optical Conversion Kit (per end) WB2643H PTP 600 Series Single-Mode Optical Conversion Kit (per end)

With carrier-grade reliability, Cambium PTP 600 Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Bridges have class-leading sensitivity and power output that enable links to go farther while sustaining high throughput regardless of conditions. Connect in virtually any environment, including Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS), long-distance Line-of-Sight (LoS), over water or open terrain, even through extreme weather conditions. these categories, our PTP 650 solution gets the highest rating. PTP 650 systems are designed and engineered with the same industry-vetted, field-proven Cambium technology that made our PTP 600 solution the best in its class. In the PTP 650, we elevated that technology to present our latest best-in-class solution.