The mummers dance piano sheet music

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Your computer can sound like a REAL PIANO when you play these MIDI files! click here for my Steinway Grand Piano soundfonts and samples Be sure to explore the MIDI files made from old piano rolls! click here for the piano roll music. My website is being re-designed.

And given the varied collection of instruments that Mummers’ songs may include (concertina, fiddle, melodion/accordion, piano, recorder, flute, piccolo, bass drum, bodhrán, guitar, upright bass, banjo, and multiple male and female voices) this was the perfect opportunity. Art of Sound Music The Rifle Regiment [BB-BE080705] - Sousa composed this march in 1886 in honor of the Third Infantry. Instrumentation: 3 Trumpets in B♭ Flugelhorn 2 Horns 2 Trombones Bass Trombone Euphonium Tuba Opt. Percussion (Snare Drum, Bass Drum and Trinagle) This arrangement is part of our Boulder Brass Signature Series. Usually, though not necessarily, it is an 8-bar phrase, which may appear in the music either as 8 bars written out or as 4 bars between repeat marks. Repeat marks in the music never mean anything but one repetition. For example B ll: l l l :ll is an 8-bar B music, and if it repeats 3 times (as in a corner dance)...

Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt, CM OM is a Canadian musician, composer, harpist, accordionist, and pianist who writes, records and performs world music with Celtic and Middle Eastern themes. McKennitt is known for her refined and clear dramatic soprano vocals. She has sold more than 14 million records worldwide. Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art In the context of performing arts, dance generally refers of dance is that impulse channeled by to human movement, typically rhythmic and to music, skillful performers into something that used as a form of audience entertainment in a becomes intensely expressive and that performance setting.