Upd2816c datasheet

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[LB1649] Overview. The LB1649 is a dual bidirectional motor driver. Since each channel has a 2-input logic circuit and performs bidirectional driving and braking functions, it is capable of direct driving 2pcs. of motor of various types rated at 6 to 24V.

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A page with IC component info pinouts,and data sheets for various cb and ham radios Free Locator Service for Electronic Components and Electrical Parts. Free online databases of Component Data such as datasheets and cross-references. We are stocking distributors - Buy online in confidence. Same catergory: BFQ236: Amplifier.BFQ236; BFQ236A; NPN Video Transistors. Product Supersedes data of November 1992 File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC05 1997 Oct 02 High breakdown voltages Low output capacitance High gain bandwidth Good thermal stability Gold metallization ensures excellent reliability Surface mounting. Compare pricing for Renesas UPD78F9222MC-5A4-A across 5 distributors and discover alternative parts, CAD models, technical specifications, datasheets, and more on Octopart.