Idling pledge sheet

Adopt state idling policy for all vehicles that limits excessive idling at your facility (i.e. more than 5 minutes/hour), including during pick-up and deliveries Distribute an anti-idling pledge and informational sheet to all employees, which they will read and sign, in order to educate staff about idling

Inform your drivers about idling reduction. technologies Adopt an idling reduction policy Host an idling reduction workshop for drivers Post signs to remind drivers NOT to idle Ask drivers to make a pledge to idling reduction Offer incentives/rewards for idling reduction efforts Staples has increased its

The following operator record forms are not returned to IDEM: 2015 Self Inspection Sheet [XLS] CAFO Emergency Spill Response Documentation [DOC] CAFO Emergency Spill Response Plan [DOC] CAFO Land Usage Agreement [PDF] CAFO Manure Application Record [PDF] CAFO Manure Distribution Record [PDF] CAFO Marketing or Distribution of Manure Information ... No Idling Pledge for School Districts We pledge to protect the health and well-being of the students and staff of our school district. We recognize that buses are the safest mode of student trans-portation, yet excessive school-bus emissions of soot from idling are a threat to children’s health. Please talk to the owner of an idling vehicle and ask them to turn off their vehicle until they are ready to drive. Print this handout to share (with a smile!) when addressing an idling vehicle operator. Here is a sample conversation you can use to kindly ask the operator of an idling vehicle to “turn your key, be idle free.” 1 Direct school bus drivers to turn off their buses as soon as they arrive in the school yard. 2 Limit idling time of buses during early morning warm-up. 3 Provide a space inside the school where bus drivers can wait. STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO REDUCE DIESEL POLLUTION D iesel exhaust from idling school buses can accumu-late on and around the bus and ... the three-minute idling requirement. The DEP also sent a fact sheet about the health effects of diesel exhaust and encouraged school districts to sign a no-idling pledge as part of a volunteer effort to eliminate all idling. In addition to the environmental risks, idling school buses unnecessarily consume fuel and

ADEQ also asks that you sign the enclosed “No Idling” pledge form. Please join us as an active participant in changing behaviors, which will drastically improve the air quality in our community. We have also attached a fact sheet to help illustrate the importance of this issue. Included with this letter is a flyer to tell you more about idling reduction and a pledge sheet. As part of our Idle Free Schools campaign, we are asking all parents, teachers, staff, bus drivers and delivery truck drivers to pledge to not idle unnecessarily. The pledge can be returned to school with your student. pledge to be idle free. ... hazards of idling engines. here are ways that your school can start ... fact sheet the effects of idling on maryland communities midle frd e This includes a program cover letter, an idling fact sheet, optional pledge form and thank you notes and incentives. Schools have the option of engaging their students in math and science activities, such as data collection and analysis by conducting pre and post program observations of idling behavior.