Who won the battle of king s mountain in south carolina

THE FIRST MAJOR BATTLE FOLLOWING CORNWALLIS’S INVASION OF NORTH CAROLINABlacksburg, South Carolina(at the time, King’s Mountain was thought to be in South Carolina) Battle of King’s Mountain 7 October 1780

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a Patriot victory of the American Revolution. Fought on a rocky ridge in South Carolina, the battle ended in the destruction of a British force of 1,100 men. The scene today is Kings Mountain National Military Park.

The actual battle took place on October 7, 1780, nine miles south of the present-day town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina in rural York County, South Carolina, where the Patriot militia defeated the Loyalist militia commanded by British Major Patrick Ferguson of the 71st Foot. Kings Mountain is a unique battle for several reasons. It was one of the few major battles of the war fought entirely between Americans: no British troops served here. In the South, many people were divided. When the war started, some fought for independence, others for loyalty to England. Kings ... Kings Mountain: A South Carolina Skirmish Becomes a Defining Moment in American History By October 1780, the American Revolution had been raging in the northern colonies for over five years. The British, hoping to secure a decisive victory, set their sights on the South, where they had recently captured all of Georgia and most of South Carolina. The Revolutionary War Trust's (formerly Campaign 1776) map of the Battle of Kings Mountain. While General Charles Lord Cornwallis marched his troops into North Carolina, Major Patrick Ferguson gathered Loyalist militia near Gilbert Town. Encouraged by his growing numbers, Ferguson demanded rebels in vicinity “desist from their opposition to ... Sep 13, 2011 · The Battle of Kings Mountain was fought on October 7, 1780 at Kings Mountain, South Carolina, 9 miles south of the present-day town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The Patriot militia won a decisive victory over the Loyalist militia commanded by British Major Patrick Ferguson.

The drive begins at Kings Mountain National Military Park, just across the South Carolina border. The park is an excellent launching point for a journey into the Carolina past. In 1780, British general Charles Cornwallis ordered Major Patrick Ferguson, a Scotsman, to scour the South Carolina countryside and build a strong Loyalist militia. Aug 21, 2015 · The Battle of Kings Mountain, on Oct. 7, 1780, was important in firing up the spirits of the patriots, who went on to defeat a larger force of British 29 miles away in Cowpens.