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Emerald Cove Organic Pacific Toasted Sushi Nori is cultivated from certified organic nori spores gathered from the previous year’s crop. Most Westerners are familiar with nori because it is used to wrap sushi, although the distinctive umami, slightly grassy flavor is also delicious eaten plain as well.

The nori is packed in pre-cut half-sheets, in a plastic tray, much like Oreo cookies. That part was nice, it kept the nori from getting crushed. However they put a food-grade moisture pack in the tray before packing the nori, and this little moisture pack prevented the nori from laying flat in they tray and rubbed holes in several sheets of the ... This is our raw nori nachos recipe using untoasted nori sheets instead of corn tortilla chips. In recent years the raw food restaurant Chocolatree, based in Sedona, Arizona, has been producing and selling these packaged snacks with huge success.

These Nori Sheets are the traditional ones seen wrapping sushi and rice in sushi restaurants. It is called hoshi nori in Japan. It comes in this pack of 10 sheets that you can cut into shape depending on your application (the sheets are folded within the pack, but can easily be un-folded as nori is quite flexible). Our Products Yaki Nori (Sushi Nori) Sheets. +share SKU: N/A Source Japan Size 25g 125g Units per Carton 10. Where to Buy Wholesale Raw Untoasted Nori (Sushi Nori)- Porphyra Yezoensis - Certified Organic The toasted Nori sheets usually found in most shops and always in normal commercial sushi is green coloured and cooked at very high temperature and known to contain carcinogens caused by the high temperatures used in processing.