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TECHNICAL DATA IW4001B Quad 2-Input NOR Gate High-Voltage Silicon-Gate CMOS ORDERING INFORMATION IW4001BN Plastic IW4001BD SOIC TA = -55° to 125° C for all packages The IW4001B NOR gates provide the system designer with direct

Figure 3 is a circuit diagram of what one of our latches will look like using our CMOS 4001 NOR gates. When one input is ON (given a logic high or a 1), the system will switch which output is ON and keep it ON. When the other input is ON, the system will switch again and keep that new output on. Now to apply it into our circuit!

Jan 28, 2012 · In many projects circuits IC's CD4017, CD4026, CD4026 CD4511 etc are used. they all are comes under 4000 ICs series which is a CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) based ICs. it is widely used in instruments, projects.. because it have low power consumption (µW) , drive up to 50 CMOS, 74HC, 74HTC inputs and operated between 3 to 15V power supply range.some most common ICs are listed ... Notes This logic probe is based on a single CMOS 4001 IC. This IC contains four 2-input NOR gates, all of the gates are used in this circuit. Power for the logic probe is taken from the circuit under test and because CMOS technology is used, the circuit will work with voltages from 3 to 15 Volts DC. The HEF4001B is a quad 2-input NOR gate. T he outputs are fully buffered for the highest noise immunity and pattern insensitivity to output impedance. It operates over a recommended V DD power supply range of 3 V to 15 V referenced to V SS (usually ground). Unused inputs must be connected to VDD, VSS, or another input. What is Logic Nor Gate NOR Gate Logic Symbol, Boolean Expression & Truth Table NOR Gate Logic Flow Schematic Diagram NOR Gate Construction and Working Mechanism NOR Gate From Other Logic Gates Multi-Input NOR Gate By Cascading 2-Input Gates TTL and CMOS Logic NOR Gate IC’s NOR Gate Applications Description. CMOS NOR Gate 4001. CMOS NOR Gate 4001 WARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts Not for Children under 3 yrs Rad-hard, high voltage, CMOS logic series Datasheet -production data Features • 3 to 20 V max operating voltage • Buffered inputs and outputs • Standardized symmetrical outputs characteristic • 50 ns typical propagation delays • 100 nA max 25 °C input current • 100 % tested 20 V quiescent current • 5-10-15 V parametric testing

4001, quad 2-input nor gate cmos case: dip-14 hcf4001be/cd4001ae quad 2-input nor gate. 4001 cmos integrated circuit. quad 2-input nor gate. number of gates: 4. number of input lines: 2 Circuito integrado CMOS CD4001 de cuatro compuertas NOR de dos entradas. La puerta NOR o compuerta NOR es una puerta lógica digital que implementa la disyunción lógica negada, se comporta de acuerdo a la tabla de verdad. (*) Applies to shipments to Germany with our Standard courier service DHL when paid via PayPal, credit card or Lastschrift. Delivery times for other countries and shipping methods can be found on our shipping information page. CI 4001. Abstract: NI 4001 TP4001 4001 CMOS NOR GATE 4001 nor gate NOR Gates CD4002A CD4001A CD4000A logic 4001 Text:  CMOS LOGIC CIRCUITS TYPES TF4025A, TP4025A AND OTHER NOR GATES SEPTEMBER 1975 Designed to be Interchangeable with RCA CD4000A, CD4001A. CD4002A, and CD4025A All Products Available in J or N Dual-in-Line Packages '4000 . . . quad 2 in nor gate 14p Brand name TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Product code 427-002 Kód výrobce CD4001BE Weight 0.00168 Kg Price VAT included from 100 ks € 0.35 / 0.2909 € Net price Price VAT included from 50 ks € 0.37 / 0.309 € Net price Price VAT included from 10 ks € 0.40 / 0.3272 € Net price About the delivery