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Celebrate Irish Heritage & Seinfeld with the Brooklyn Cyclones. Irish Night at MCU Park is always one of the most popular games of the season. This year, as part of

The Brooklyn Cyclones host “Seinfeld Night” to commemorate the 25 th anniversary of the first airing of the TV show. In preparation they practiced in “puffy” shirts. George Costanza did not as rumoured throw out the first straight-line, oops I mean pitch. Larry Thomas, who played "The Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld, greets customers before the Brooklyn Cyclones game on "Seinfeld Night" in July 2014. Advertisement 20 of 23 Bill Menzel/Brooklyn Cyclones Jun 25, 2015 · The Brooklyn Cyclones are alright, because they were saved by the Diehl. The Mets minor league affiliate put a screeching halt to the Tri-City Valley Cats' hopes for a win with a 2-1 victory ... Apr 21, 2016 · The Brooklyn Cyclones brought joy to all lovers of syndicated television comedies when, in 2014, they held their first "Salute to Seinfeld" night. The popular promotion even came with a Keith Hernandez bobblehead. This year, they're helping buff out your collection of Seinfeld tchotchkes even ... Yada yada yada. Jerry’s address is mentioned numerous times throughout the series, despite the fact that the exterior shot shown looks nothing like the actual building located at that address. Jul 11, 2015 · This week they break down “The Implant”, which first aired February 25, 1993 as part of season four. In the current Seinfeld news, the show celebrated it’s 26th anniversary this past week. Also the Brooklyn Cyclones had their second annual Seinfeld Night, where they renamed the stadium Kramerica Industries Park for the night.

Little Jerry Brooklyn Cyclones SGA Seinfeld Bobblehead NY Mets. ... Jerry Seinfeld New York Mets 2019 Bobblehead SGA 7/5/19 Seinfeld Night N. More Items From eBay. May 10, 2014 · THE BROOKLYN CYCLONES ARE HAVING THE BEST PROMOTION ALL SEASON...SEINFELD NIGHT 07/05/14. Puffy shirts, postal workers, Keith Hernandez tributes and Rosalind Allen...Diane from the MARINE ...