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Permanently Delete Contacts from iOS 9 iPhone To wipe out contacts from iPhone running with iOS 9/10/11, the best way is to resort to a professional iOS data eraser application. Here we will introduce the best one for you. Clear iPhone "Recent" Data Permanently

19) found some hints about how the delete button appears and disappears. 20) tried it. 21) found, that the delete button appears if I do select all or if I select the only one I made by hand in step 9) 22) got the idea to just export ALL contacts, delete the whole Outlook list, delete unwanted contacts from the exported list and upload it againFind all Apple iPhone 6s Plus Support information here: Learn how to activate, set up and use your iPhone with our FAQs, how-to guide and videos. Find out about features and how to troubleshoot issues.

Delete contacts on iOS 9/10/11 After you select all the contacts you want to delete, you can then click on "Erase Now" button and type "delete" on the pop up window to confirm your action. Then, this program begins to remove all the selected contacts from your iPhone. You can add your AOL account to iPhone or iPad with the Mail app for iOS very easily. However you will find either the auto setup or manual setup of AOL mail account on iPad or iPhone can actually import your email contacts from AOL account to iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts and tap on your email account. Press “Delete Account” and then “Delete from My iPhone” to remove the account. Then go back to the Home Screen and close the running apps. Restart your iPhone and all the caches and attachments on mail will be cleared out. The most recent version of iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 for the iPhone or iPad lets people add a person to a group iMessage after it has been created without the need to start a whole new thread. This method will not work if the group chat is between only two people and third person would like to be added.

Wait as the iPhone management program backs up the contact information among other information from the iPhone to the computer's hard drive. Use this backup with the iPhone management program to restore all of the contact information that was deleted from a contact in the "Contacts" app if desired at a later time. One of the new features of iOS 6 is integration with Facebook, so it's easy to post updates, photos and videos from your iPad, and you can also sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone or iPad. The guide below outlines how to link or remove their Facebook contacts for iOS 6 on the iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4th generation.