Mca 38 64 datasheet

scls041g − december 1982 − revised february 2004 2 post office box 655303 • dallas, texas 75265 function table inputs function ser srclk srclr rclk oe x x x x h outputs qa−q h are disabled.

Electrical characteristicsSTM32F103x8, STM32F103xB38/92Doc ID 13587 Rev 115.3.4Embedded reference voltageThe parameters given in Table 12 are derived from tests performed under ambienttemperature and VDD supply voltage conditions summarized in Table current characteristics datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated ... The M24C64 is a 64-Kbit I2C-compatible EEPROM (Electrically Erasable PROgrammable Memory) organized as 8 K × 8 bits. Over an ambient temperature range of -40 °C / +85 °C, the M24C64-W can operate with a supply voltage from 2.5 V to 5.5 V, the M24C64-R can operate with a supply voltage from

C (0.64).025 SQ (0.76).030 LIF= Low Insertion Force –03, –04, –05 For LIF specify –23 (ESS, ESD) –2, –22*,–5A, or –38* *For LIF specify –22 or –38 (SS, HSS, SD) ESD = Elevated Double Row Socket ESS = Elevated Single Row Socket SPECIFICATIONS PRECISION MACHINED SOCKET STRIPS F-219 For complete scope of recognitions see 28BYJ-48 – 5V Stepper Motor The 28BYJ-48 is a small stepper motor suitable for a large range of applications. Rated voltage : 5VDC Number of Phase 4 Speed Variation Ratio 1/64 Stride Angle 5.625° /64 Frequency 100Hz DC resistance 50 Ω±7%(25 ℃) Idle In-traction Frequency > 600Hz DATASHEET The Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107 are high performance, low power, 31/2 digit A/D converters. Included are seven segment decoders, display drivers, a reference, and a clock. The ICL7106 is designed to interface with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and includes a multiplexed backplane drive; the ICL7107 MCA 38/64 - 148/PH1 15500 ot/min 380W 0. 4 fotky 2.5.2019 13 zobrazení Vytvořte ze svých fotek. fotoknihu pexeso fotky Další produkty Reklama. reklama ...

B13 — Compression connectors for copper conductors Cat no. Wire size Bolt size Dimensions in. (mm) Die code Colour code Code cable Flex cable classes 1 ID-2/12/20 LA Series Datasheet X1 11.04.2013 ID-2LA, ID-12LA, ID-20LA Low Voltage Series Reader Modules Datasheet Version1.0 Date 09/01/13 Because the regulator is floating and receives only the input-to-output differential voltage, supplies of several hundred volts can be regulated as long as the maximum input to output differential is not exceeded; do not short-circuit output to ground. Stresses exceeding those listed in the Maximum Ratings table may damage the componant. If any of these limits are exceeded, device functionality should not be assumed, damage may