Alpha omega bo4 access codes

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Black Ops Pass* owners get instant access to 'Alpha Omega', a new Zombies experience that takes players to a legendary setting to battle for survival. *Black Ops Pass (BOP) content is not final, is subject to change, and may not include all downloadable content available for the game. BOP content may vary by platform.

Alpha Omega is the seventh Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the thirty-first map overall. The map was released on July 9th, 2019 on PlayStation 4, and was released on July 16th, 2019 for Xbox One and PC. Alpha Omega | Complete Map Breakdown. This guide is broken down into Chapters and Topics, a Chapter defines the content of the Topics to make all of the guides easier to navigate and read. On the right, there is a list of all the Chapters, Topics and Sub-Topics. Just click on the text of whatever you want to know about and you will be taken there.

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