Rugby players 100m sprint timesheet

That’s a pretty impressive feat in itself when you consider the amount of muscle some of these guys have. We’ve tried to keep the list down to 16 because there are so many beasts in the rugby world, so in no particular order, here’s our list of the biggest and strongest rugby players: Manu Tuilagi

The first thing to kick into touch is to think about a 100m sprint. Running in a straight line is not what is required. Rugby player agility and acceleration are crucial. Here are five key elements to boost rugby player speed.

MFITS (Metabolic Fitness Index for Team Sports) This is a great test to do if you have access to a track. It consists of 100m Sprint 10 mins rest 400m run 20mins rest and finally 800m for forwards and 1500m for backs. The benefits are that it gives you an indication of a players ability of each energy system. Home > Sports > List > Rugby Union > Fitness >Testing > Springboks. Fitness Tests for the Springboks . As with most football codes, rugby requires a very good levels of skill, speed, agility and endurance. Here are the fitness tests and norms for the Springboks South African Rugby Union team (at around the time of the 2007 World Cup).

In 2010, (mostly) rugby players raced each other over 100m, and similar races were held for UK rugby league players from 2009 to 2012. 2010 Gatorade Bolt Some of the best Australian football players joined up for a 100m race on September 15, 2010, at Sydney Olympic Park. well im a winger/fullback/center lol and my fastest recorded time is 12.2seconds for 100m thats nothing special tbh but im a lot faster over 30/40 meters which is what really sounts for rugby as you never run the whole length of the pitch and even that is only 80 meters.