Db15 datasheet

About DB15 VGA. The personal computer for a long time uses 15-contact interface Mini-D-Sub for connection of the monitor. By means of an adapter it is possible to connect such monitor to DVI connector of a graphic card. Interface VGA transfers signals of red, green and dark blue colors, and also the information about horizontal (H-Sync) and vertical (V-Sync) synchronization.

These products are separate and distinct from D-sub connectors. D-subs are sometimes referred to as “rectangular rack and panel” connectors and often carry vernacular references such as DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37 and DB50 where the numbers refer to the connector’s pin count. USES. D-sub connectors work with a wide variety of electronics. DB15 is a compact, ready to use BCD to 7 Segment Decoder experiment board. This experiment board has been designed to study BCD to 7 Segment decoder using IC74LS47. The Experiment board has inbuilt common anode display to study functionality of 74LS47. It can be used as stand alone unit with external Power Order Item # SD15P Now! Complete Documentation and Tech Specs. Solder Cup D-Sub Connector, DB15 Male. Maximum wire size is 20 AWG

lan isolation transformer catalog table of contents isolation transformers ... db15 +12 v rx+ rx-tx-gnd r16 39.2 r17 39.2 r18 39.2 r19 39.2 c4 0.01 µf c3 dp83907 ... EB35DIN ( View drawing of Mounting Kit for DIN Rail Mounting) This kit consists of an aluminum plate, with two clips attached to it, and four screws for attaching the plate to the power supply. The power supply can then be snapped onto a 35mm "top hat" type of DIN rail.