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Hello Rachel, Indeed, the KTY84-130’s status is End of life, which means that the capacity is declining rapidly.Formal discontinuance notice may be issued. In this case I would like to recommend the KTY81: Silicon temperature sensors.

NXP Semiconductors TDA8034HN Smart card interface 3. Applications n Pay TV n Electronic payment n Identification n Bank card readers 4. Quick reference data [1] To meet these specifications, VCC should be decoupled to pin GND using two ceramic multilayer capacitors of low ESR with values of either 100 nF or one 220 nF and one 470 nF. Table 1.

Product data sheet Rev. 1 — 16 July 2013 5 of 36. NXP Semiconductors KMA221. Programmable angle sensor Since the Anisotropic MR (AMR) effect is periodic over 180 q, the sensor output is also 180q -periodic. The angle is calculated relative to a freely programmable zero angle. ÿú“À Ô . %À ¶šI Eà ò ? œïƒ ÄŠ†Ö *G¡[email protected]´èÂÓ»1–ˆ²Y”ˆ ¤Gø2 ... SONGLE RELAY RELAY ISO9002 SRD 1. MAIN FEATURES ᄋ Switching capacity available by 10A in spite of small size design for highdensity P.C. board mounting technique. ᄋ UL,CUL,TUV recognized. ᄋ Selection of plastic material for high temperature and better chemical solution performance. ᄋ Sealed types available.

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