Android handicap

• Share screenshot with your friendsMake sure battery optimization is disabled for Screenshot Assistant:Huawei: • From the Home screen navigate to Settings • Open Advanced Settings • Open Battery Manager • Open Protected apps

In battery stats I can see that this app consumes a lot of energy. Why?- Don't look at the stats, look at the real battery consumption. Probably, Android Battery Stats app "thinks", that this app display an image on the screen all the time, because of what it shows an information about consuming energy.

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W kolejnych latach zaprezentował w Warszawie performans „Shirtology" (2005), zrealizował z polskimi tancerzami „The show must go on" (2012) i pokazał „Disabled Theatre" z aktorami Teatru HORA (2013). Jérôme Bel – mieszkający w Paryżu i pracujący na całym świecie francuski tancerz i choreograf. This issue doesn't occur when the app is proguarded and the multidex is disabled, so it must be caused by multidex and Dagger 1 problems. I'm sure EndpointAdapter is in the main dex file, but some classes generated by Dagger are located in the second dex file generated by multidex.