Canadian german shepherd dog

We breed only quality German Shepherd Dogs to produce German Shepherd puppies that are of top quality. We are one of Canada's top breeders specializing in producing the best personal and family companion German Shepherd Dogs, as well as high quality show and performance German Shepherds by breeding dogs from the world's best German and North ...

The Ottawa and Area German Shepherd Dog Club was founded in 1985 by 10 fanciers and was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1986. The club is also affiliated with the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc.

For several reasons (not necessarily good reasons), white dogs aren't appreciated by the German Shepherd's national breed club nor by German Shepherd breeders who compete at dog shows. Despite their disapproval, a white puppy who pops up in a litter of German Shepherds can still be registered with the American Kennel Club as a German Shepherd. Home for the true German Shepherd - the German line dog - our kennel breeds only top quality dogs coming from the best bloodlines in the world! Home to: VA1 ALPHA von AMALABERG -- VA2 RHONDA von AMALABERG -- VA2 PEPINO von ARLETT -- V1 FALCO von DACON -- VA3 WINDD von AMALABERG!!!! Click here to see NEWS & SHOW RESULTS PAGE ! Thank you to all competitors and spectators who helped make the Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championships and Sieger Show for 2018 a success. Your financial support of the GSSCC is appreciated. Both, the Sieger Show and Trial results are posted. Again, from the organizing committee, thank you so much for all you did! German (Germany), Czechoslovakian (Czeck), Canadian (Canada), United States of American (USA), International, as well as others ~ Pedigree Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations, Ratings and Titles as well as words found in/on GSD papers and pedigrees on Imports or dogs for sale. In North America, we find American / Canadian shepherds. They are very different from the original German shepherds. Although these dogs have common ancestry to the German shepherd, they have become almost a breed onto themselves. These dogs are bred for show purposes, the breeders focusing almost exclusively on looks and movement. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. (GSDCC) is the country's oldest active specialty breed club. Since its inception in 1922 the Club has developed a distinctly national profile with member and affiliated clubs from coast to coast. We are not a registry service, the Canadian Kennel Club is the registry for all breeds in Canada.

As a versatile utility dog, the German Shepherd Dog breed has several different "types" that have their own origin, history and unique traits. These different types, although all of them are still German Shepherd dogs, can be better suited for different purposes and roles. Each type is valued and respected for what it brings to the breed.