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Sheet definition is - a broad piece of cloth; especially : bedsheet. How to use sheet in a sentence.

The size of the end-of-chapter vocabularies, which include one hundred and twenty-six, one hundred and seventeen, seventy-three, and eighty items respectively, implies that students will learn new vocabulary items at the rate of thirteen-to-twenty-one per contact hour, which is inconsistent with Laufer's (1998: 265) estimates of 8-9 per contact hour. A sheet is a large, wide amount of something flat, like a sheet of metal or a sheet of paper. When it goes on your bed, a sheet is a similar expanse of fabric. The sheets on your bed cover your mattress and lie beneath your blanket or comforter, and the huge windows in your imaginary dream house would require enormous sheets of glass.

4. Vocabularies for Cultural Objects. A wide range of controlled vocabularies may be used to describe and enhance access to art and material culture resources. Many of these . vocabularies are created and maintained by research institutions, national and international cultural organizations, and professional societies and associations. Names added to controlled vocabulary based on names on Easley excel sheet. Library of Congress Name Authority File (LC NAF) form is first choice. If not available, check Grove Music for name.

As nouns the difference between vocabulary and vocabularies is that vocabulary is a usually alphabetized and explained collection of words eg of a particular field, or prepared for a specific purpose, often for learning while vocabularies is... • Discuss meaning/vocabulary as encountered in student-friendly terms. • Model Thinking. • Create imagery, helping students to picture the story in their minds or to “make a movie.” • Draw picture symbols as needed. Label with vocabulary. SOS = STOP - ORIENT - SUPPORT WILSON Reading System 35 The WRS Ten Part Lesson Plan Addressing: Controlled definition is - restrained. How to use controlled in a sentence. Instead of arguing, they talked in a calm, controlled manner. The test was done under controlled conditions. Sheet Music Consortium Participation IMLS Support Collections Harvested Metadata Guidelines Linked Open Data project Sheet Music Consortium The Sheet Music Consortium is a group of libraries working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. Definition of controlled vocabulary in the dictionary. Meaning of controlled vocabulary. What does controlled vocabulary mean? Information and translations of controlled vocabulary in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.