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CHARACTER INFORMATION Player Character Concept Nation Religion Reputations Wealth ARCANA STORIES Name Goal Reward Step 1 1: +1 Bonus Die to all Risks 2: Villains gain The 7th Sea Second Edition Role Playing Game by John Wick and our 7th Sea 2e Community for your swashbuckling adventures across Theah, Acadia, Ifri and others through Forums and Blogs. 7th Sea Character Sheets | 7th Sea: 2nd Edition 7th Sea is a tabletop role-playing game and related CCG created by AEG after Legend of the Five Rings became a success. The game's setting is Theah, an alternate version of Europe during the 17th century. In 2015 AEG entered into a deal with John Wick Presents to sell back the publication rights for the 7th Sea game line. 7th Sea Character Sheet [ Download from this server (1.78 Mb) ] 02 Mar 2014, 5:14 PM: Auto-calculating Excel - Open the file, enter your information, save a copy of ... Read Me First. DST creation is an advanced feature for those familiar with HTML and CSS! Before doing anything, you should read the tutorial.Only once you are fully versed on this should you attempt anything.

I’ve put together a list of all the cheat sheets I’ve created. They're in pdf form with Dropbox links. If you’re playing/running these games you might find them useful. I may have overlooked crucial bits; give me a heads up if you spot something. If you’d like the text version of these to modify for your own use, send me a message. After you roll, you take your dice and make sets of 10. Each set is a Raise. You can use Raises to accomplish goals, overcome obstacles, and dodge consequences. In other words, Raises make your character awesome. And as a 7th Sea Hero… you’ll have lots of Raises. 29 Apr 2017 - Art work from 7th Sea RPG or that has a similar flavour. See more ideas about Sea, Rpg and Art. Character sheet templates created by the community for use in Roll20. NOTICE: December 24th & 31st will not have a code push for character sheets. Contact [email protected] if critical hotfixes are requested during this time. Due to lack of funds and skills I was trying to figure out how to get all of my players a 7th sea character sheet that we all can share but because this game is a diamond in the rough and not widely available it becomes harder and harder to find character sheets, especially editable ones online.