Radia 7448 data sheet

RADIA 7127 - Brenntag product information page Brenntag is Benelux's leading distributor and exporter of industrial chemicals and specialties, located in Belgium (Deerlijk, Antwerpen & Mouscron) and the Netherlands (Dordrecht, Loosdrecht, Zwijndrecht, Moerdijk, Rotterdam, Enschede).

DM74LS48 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder GeneralDescription The ’LS48 translates four lines of BCD (8421) input data into the 7-segment numeral code and provides seven corre-sponding outputs having pull-up resistors as opposed to totem pole pull-ups These outputs can serve as logic sig-nals with a HIGH output corresponding to a lighted lamp All the part names for which the file 236595_DS.pdf is a datasheet

Product Data Sheet: RF 36 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION RF 36 is a rigid molded Non-Asbestos friction material suitable for use in Medium Friction brake/clutch applications in a wide variety of equipment such as agricultural equipment, overhead cranes and heavy duty equipment. RF 36 is non-corrosive, non-abrasive, smooth, quiet and kind to mating surface. PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sika® Film EVAPORATION CONTROL AND FINISHING AID LIQUID DESCRIPTION Sika® Film is a 1-part liquid which controls the mois-ture evaporation from the freshly cast concrete flat-work surface in addition to functioning as a finishing aid. USES All applications where a superior finish is required on concrete flatwork ANT-ADU4518R8-1528 Datasheet Manual ATR451806, ADU451498, ATR451497, ADU451827, ATR451804, ADU451826, ATR4518R11, ADU4518R9, ATR4518R13, ATR4518R6, ADU4518R8 ... Polypropylene Random Copolymer for Injection Moulding IM 0771 21.02.2006 Ed.5 Borealis A/S Parallelvej 16 DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby (Denmark) Telephone: +45 45 96 60 00 Fax : +45 45 96 61 23 www.borealisgroup.com Description RG460MO is a specially modified highly transparent polypropylene random copolymer with high melt flow Shipping and Fulfillment Policy. When you order products from Anixter.com, the order is processed within one to two business days. Orders received during non-business days are processed on the next business day.

8550N ACaxialcompactfan Technicaldescription Weight 0.490kg Dimensions 80x80x38mm Impellermaterial Sheetsteel,paintedblack Housingmaterial Die-castaluminum Partno. 9274014208 Distributor information: 3720A/3721A Specifications Model Low Range Resolution Accuracy High Range Resolution Accuracy Range Resolution Accuracy Minimum Operation Voltage