Ameron dimetcote 9 product data sheet

(8) The data date shall be indicated on the plot in the activity display and in the title at the top or bottom of the plot. (9) Completed activities shall be indicated on the plot. (10) The Contract title shall be displayed on the plot. (11) A legend shall be provided which indicates the various symbols used and their meanings.

Dimetcote® 9 Series 400 None ... see Product Data sheet for specific topcoat time limitations. Surface Pr eparation Coating performance is, in general, proportional ...

The Port Engineer should request the Product Data Sheet for any paint that he is not personally familiar with. b. Ambient weather conditions are often critical: winter temperatures in northern shipyards will preclude the use of certain coatings, as may summer humidity in southern shipyards. Readbag users suggest that 400/PDS/AI R9/02 is worth reading. The file contains 4 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. Sheet 1 of 1 MNL-01 Page 76 TABLE 320 Product Manufacturer 3 Rev. Inorganic Zinc Silicate Silicone Aluminium Ameron Dimetcote 6 Amercoat 878 Berger Zincanode 330 Luxatherm 6200 Carboline Carbozinc 11 Thermaline 4700 Hempel Galvosil 15700-19840 Hempels Silicone Aluminium International Interzinc 22 Intertherm 50 Jotun Resist 86 Solvalitt ... The complying products include both permanent and sacrificial products, and many of these products have a VOC content at or near zero. We also note that some of the complying products are approved for use by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans, 12/21/99; Sinak, 12/15/99, product literature).

During this meeting, the contractor shall provide the following; 1) Proposed paint system(s) for each piece of equipment to be painted, product data sheets, maximum thickness tolerable for each coat and for the full system, approval certificates for coatings in contact with specific products such as food products, jet fuel, etc. Storage ... Dec 10, 2013 · Safe Handling and Storage of Styrene Monomer ... amend or replace the Material Safety Data Sheet for Styrene (MSDS No. 100000068536). ... Dimetcote No. 4 Ameron ... PPG Protective & Marine Coatings has been a leader in the field of industrial and marine coatings for over 70 years, developing and marketing a broad line of protective coatings, product finishes, flooring materials for steel, concrete, commercial and industrial equipment, and manufactured goods. Dimetcote 9 Page 3 of 4 Revision date:29-11-2007 satisfactory as contamination may be spread and not removed. NOTE: a mist coat / full coat may be required when applying a subsequent coat on top of Dimetcote 9 to prevent application bubbling. Application Procedure Dimetcote 9 is packaged in the proper mixing proportions of powder and liquid. This data sheet replaces and annuls all previous issues and it is therefore the user’s responsibility to ensure that this sheet is current prior to using the product. The current data sheets are maintained at The English text of this document shall prevail over any translation thereof. AMERCOAT 78HB