Finlock gutters asbestos

Can you tell me if this has been successful for your mother-in-law as we are having terribler problems with damp from the concrete (Finlock) guttering leaking so are considering having them cut off but would obviously like the name of the company you used as you need a specialist in this type of work.

Finlock gutters are made from profiled concrete sections and either bolted or cemented together and laid on top of original block or brickwork. This type of gutter is very difficult and expensive to replace, as it forms part of the original building fabric and was originally designed to be a permanent feature of the building.

5. Cut away the gutter using a diamond-tipped angle grinder so that a flush and level base is achieved. How far this is cut back is dependent on the tile overhang of your roof. Note: Some Finlock gutters and down pipes may contain asbestos so it is important that this is identified before any removal works take place. 6. Asbestos Cement Gutters Unifold is suitable for all Asbestos Cement gutters and it can be installed without the possibility of disturbing, drilling or cutting the Asbestos in any way by utilising the patented clip joint. Specialists in concrete Finlock guttering removal to latest building regulations. If your concrete guttering is leaking and causing damp problems, Trent Valley Fascias are specialists in the removal of concrete (Finlock) guttering, replacing it with the modern uPVC guttering. Jan 04, 2020 · House guttering is intended to protect your home from the many problems that can be caused by damp and excess water. Gutters are an important part of your home because they collect rainwater and redirect it away from the roof and the sides of your house to the nearest drain. Finlock guttering, Waterlooville, United Kingdom. 46 likes · 2 talking about this. Rainshield uk continuously trading under the same name since 1995...

Consumers can now make an educated choice as to who delivered their gutter lining, asbestos services based on independent research undertaken by trusted and established organisations. At Blue Sky Guttering Ltd we take great pride in delivering the highest level of client satisfaction.. Originally made by the Royston company, Finlock gutters are, in short, small sections precast concrete moulded into two troughs - the inner 'lintel trough' and outer 'gutter trough'. There are three main types, the 'Royston', 'Type G' and 'Type N' (there were 5 designs originally). Finlock gutters are still made today.