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Breudher, also known as Brueder or Bloeder (pronounced as broo-dhuh), is a traditional Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher buttery yeast cake, baked in a fluted mould. A variation, Bleuda, Kueh Bleuda or Kue Bludder is also found in the Malacca Dutch Eurasian community and in Kochin, a city in the south-west of India. May 26, 2011 ยท Raisins are dried grapes. Sultana raisins (often just called "sultanas") are raisins made from a particular kind of white grape, known as either the Sultana or the Thompson Seedless.

My 16lb. 10 month old beagle ate about 20-25 raisins yesterday at approx. 6pm and we are watching her for signs of renal failure. She has been more lethargic than usual today (she is normally very active) and has shown signs of abdominal discomfort.

The term "sultana" refers to golden-coloured dried grapes, which may also be called "golden raisins" (such as marketed by Sun-Maid, a California-based raisin grape growers' co-op and legacy brand). Any kind of grape may be used to produce golden raisins, and any kind of golden raisins from any kind of grape may be marketed as "sultanas". Raisins will plump and lose their chewiness if put in head of time making them soft and swelled sort of like prunes. With just the two of us left at home I usually just make this salad, chill it and add raisins to it on our plates. I don't like the raisins when they get plump and soft but that's just me. Raisins: golden raisins, Thompson raisins, Flame raisins, sultanas, currants... what's the difference? Raisins are sun-dried grapes, and different types of raisins come from different grape varieties. Two of the most popular seedless raisins in the U.S. are Thompson; and Flame, typically larger and moister than Thompson.