Cascade slip sheet

Meijer Handling Solutions logistics products increase the ease of deployment and application of logistics/transportation resources, such as forklift trucks and their variants. Ideally, these products are unique to the market.

One-way slide sheet is tubular in design, quilted and designed to slide into position then lock; preventing end users from slipping/sliding in chair, wheelchair and bed. The sheet will only slide in the direction of the arrows but will offer complete grip on the return. This locking mechanic will not diminish during washing. Plastic Slip Sheets. Eco-Sheet™ Plastic Slip Sheets are a cost-saving, sustainable and recyclable replacement for wood pallets. Eco-Sheets™ are manufactured from recycled polyethylene resin and are designed to seamlessly replace traditional wood pallets throughout the supply chain.

Slip Sheets can´t carry the load by its self, thus why Push-Pull attachments are constructed with flat forks, which carries the load. Handling of a pallet unit is made by a movable facelift, which can push or pull the pallet unit from stock to container. A Push-Pull attachment also has a gripper, which grips the flap of theSlip Sheet during ... At Danmac, we stock a wide range of Cascade forklift attachments for sale and hire. We can build a forklift with the attachments required to suit your business and material handling requirements. We are Cascade forklift attachment dealers and service agents and can repair, service and maintain all Cascade products.

Apr 26, 2010 · SBS Worldwide is launching the slipsheet and push/pull forklift attachment in partnership with Cascade, the largest manufacturers of push/pull equipment, in Europe and the USA.