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Sluggo Slug and Snail Bait Kill Slugs and Snails Without Harming Pets, Wildlife. This bait kills slugs and snails and can safely be used around pets and wildlife! Contains iron phosphate, which occurs naturally in soil. Sluggo remains effective after rain.

ARBICO Providing Organic Solutions for Growers since 1979 ™ ™ Early Summer Catalog 2015. Natural Products For Your Organic Garden, Farm and Livestock!Safety Data Sheet Page 2 of 6 Garden Safe Brand Slug & Snail Bait Revision date: 09/02/2016 Page 2 Notes to physician: None General advice: If you feel unwell, seek medical advice (show the label where possible). Ensure that medical personnel are aware of the material(s) involved, and take precautions to protect themselves.

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Watering. 2014 Gardening Catalog Series. Water Wisely It is tempting to water your plants or garden daily during warm weather, but this can result in plants with shallow root systems that are water dependent and unable to cope with drought. Deep, less frequent watering can result in deep root systems and allows the soil surface to dry between ...Sluggo Snail & Slug Spray is a unique blend of an iron phosphate active ingredient, originating from soil, with slug and snail bait additives. It is an ingredient in fertilizers.The bait which is not ingested by snails and slugs will degrade and become a part of the soil. IMPORTANT! Read this to decide if you need to complete the Energy Allocation Sheet: The Energy Allocation Worksheet helps determine how much of your total fuel and/or electricity should be attributed to each crop. You are required to use this calculator unless you meet one of the following conditions: 1.MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SLUGGO Page 1 of 4 Issue Date: 02/00 SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Chemical Product SLUGGO EPA Reg. No. 67702-3-54705 Common Name: Granular snail and slug bait.