Bee 5039 scope mount instruction sheet

Engineering and Design Considerations of the M14/M1A CASM® Scope Mount This mount is one of those design concepts that translates eventually, after months of research and development, into a finished product that is “simply elegant”. Most good designs are like that … simply elegant and elegantly simple.

CABLE TRAY MANUAL Based on the 2014 National Electrical Code®† Cable Tray Manual 2014 Cable Tray Manual B-Line series Cable Tray Systems MAN-1 Eaton ®† Mark shown is the property of its respective owner.

Proper adjustment of the scope on a pellet gun is a simple process that will help ensure accuracy. Whether it is used for target shooting or hunting small game, the scope should be properly sighted in.Beeman also supplies airgun scope mounts from Sportsmatch of England. All the Beeman scope mounts have a top quality finish to match their air rifles. So whatever, your airgun needs form air rifles, air pistols, airgun pellets and scope mounts Beeman has a quality offering for you. 2 x 3/16” receiver standoff set screws (sides of mount) 1 x”M14 M1A CASM Scope Mount Instruction” sheet 1 x “Engineering and Design Considerations of the M14 M1A CASM Scope Mount,” a treatise 1 x Blue threadlocker package 1 x complete replacement set of scope mount replacement machine screws and set screws Description: Click here to view the installation video for the Mauser Scout Scope Mount. Call us at 828-665-4427 with installation questions. DUE TO AVAILABILITY, WE REGRET THAT WE CAN NO LONGER OFFER THE MOUNT/SCOPE COMBINATION AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. SCOPES ARE SOLD SEPERATELY HERE.

SPECS: 6063 T6 Aluminum, black, anodized finish. 6" (15.2cm) long, 3.2 oz. (90 g) weight. Includes complete instructions. Measure barrel just forward of receiver: If barrel measures .980" barrel order 099 mount. Bolt action Sporter barrels, order 106 mount, requires turning barrel to 1.05" diameter, for a minimum length of 1¾" forward of the ... Buehler Scope Mounts - An Overlooked Necessity. Regardless of what type of scope you happen to possess for your gun and how good it might happen to be, there is a good chance you won't be able to perform to your best capabilities if you do not have a good quality scope mount to go along with the rest of your package.