Gravestone sheet survey

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Land Survey System Coordinate Computational Software (PCCS) using official Public Land Survey System (PLSS) records (and when deemed necessary, State, County, and private survey records) or digitized coordinates from various cartographic and photographic products. Except where a corner monument has been used as a first or

- Play with the slider and you will notice that you can make out "generally speaking" where the monument might lie according to our photography. Note: This aerial photography is not intended to replace the tie sheets that have been surveyed and provided for your use. To download a PDF of the Tie Sheet - Click on a monument. Record of Survey Parcel Map Tract Map Tentative Tract Map Tentative Parcel Map Highway Dedication Map LACA (AM Map) Official Map Patent Map CSB Map (in progress...) Benchmark Benchmark (Baseline) Quads Mile Markers Public Works Field Book Grid Cemetery Logs For Gathering Genealogy Information. Going on a successful trip to a cemetery to take photos, record information, or do a headstone rubbing requires a bit of advance planning. The problem with other cemetery logs and transcription forms that we've seen is that the information isn't laid out logically, or there are important items ... Land Survey Control Diagram Title Sheet TEMPORARY LAND SURVEY CONTROL DIAGRAM EASEMENT POINT SET EASEMENT MONUMENT General Notes: 1. This Land Survey Control Diagram supersedes the Preliminary Land Survey Control Diagram filed with the (Name of County) County Clerk and Recorders Office on (date) at (reception /bk. & pg.). 2.

guide to Engineering & Land Surveying for City and County Offi cials 2 This guide was written to serve as a quick reference for California’s city and county building offi cials, county surveyors, city engineers, and public works offi cials to help answer questions about engineers and land surveyors—what they can do or cannot do Non-Standard page (effective 2/1/2010) Penalty applies to each page or sheet of the document: $3.00: Gov 27361 (1) ... Survey Monument Preservation Fund – applies ... Mar 07, 2016 · This is a quick description of some of the items you might see on a property plat or survey. This is a quick description of some of the items you might see on a property plat or survey. “Rapid Cemetery Documentation Form” and “Rapid Cemetery Documentation Definitions“. These were developed by NCPTT as a disaster response tool. Chicora Foundation has a variety of useful Cemetery Documentation Survey Forms available for download. Texas Historic Commission has a simple user friendly Cemetery Survey Form. Survey monuments are maintained on the Primary Survey Control Map for land surveyors to use as know reference points.. For more information contact the chief surveyor at (405) 682-7054. NOTE: This Land Survey Control Diagram is prepared for CDOT purposes only. It is not a Boundary Survey, Land Survey Plat, or Right of Way Plat. No determination has been made to determine if the found monuments as shown are in their proper position or if they are at the corners they are intended to monument.