Z570m nixie datasheet

upgrade for the Z570M, or should I try to make the IN-14s work? Thanks.-Walter Not sure about pin compatible tubes, but there's plenty of help inthe form of lists and datasheets in the files section. To use a tube with a different pinout, you only need some high dielectric strength sleeving to slip over each wire to provide

Jenny reloaded is a VFD clock kit based on the beautiful and still well-available IV-11 and IV-15 tubes from Russian production. Thanks to their high brightness and the 22 mm digit size, they are easy to read from daylight even from higher distances. Sep 25, 2016 · Thanks for the reply. I'm really confused now! I have looked around and found plenty of HV5812 based Nixie designs. In the multiplexed designs the current is increased but the multiplexing time means that average current works itself out... however the HV5812 seems good at sourcing current and rubbish at sinking it.

Get ap english literature poetry analysis sheet fb2 Datasheets for some of the components used in the Soemtron 22x series calculators - Z570M - Nixie tube, digits 0-9, 13mm 2mA no decimal point (pin 4?), RFT, P#00-560-9558-3. Z573M - Alternate nixie tube [7] , digits 0-9, 13mm 2mA with decimal point (pin 10?), RFT.

Possible nixie sources - please let me know if you know of any others, or have found that any of the sources below no longer have stock.. Back to Mike's Electric Stuff. Nixie tubes are not too hard to find, but the trick is finding them at the right price! IN-18/IN-4 Nixie Tube Socket with blue LEDs: IN-18 (ИН-18)/IN-4 (ИН-4) Nixie Tube Socket with blue floor lighting. The socket provides the opportunity to apply the included 3 mm LEDs under the tube to generate the very impressive floor lighting effect. Title: Z570M Z5700M Author: RFT Subject: MF-FP-2011-01-02 Created Date: 1/2/2011 11:58:30 AM Or connect any other nixie anode and cathode pins via wires to the board to use as a multiplex breakout board. IN-17x6 V3 Tube Board Kit - $46 Includes V3 release of the IN-17x6V3 Tube Board, header pin rail, six IN-17 Nixie Tubes and six 10K resistors.