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Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinbeck that was first published in 1937. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis.

Gettysburg Address for kids - President Abraham Lincoln Video The article on the Gettysburg Address provides an overview of one of the Important issues of his presidential term in office. The following Abraham Lincoln video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 16th American President ...

Suddenly, this gaggle of giants called the Earthbound Men come streaming toward the Argo, determined to destroy it. Uh oh Spaghetti-O. Heracles whips out his bow and kills a ton of them. Jason and the other Argonauts get back just in time to finish off the rest. They set sail again that night, but a blustery storm blows them off course.