Cypress 68013a datasheet

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atmel 24c02 datasheet pdf Part of the Array Protected. 24C01A. 24C 24C 24C 24C At VCC .. Atmel Corporation makes no warranty for the use of its products, other than. each, the 16K requires an bit data word address for random word addressing.

USB专用开发芯片,68013A中文技术开发资料 ... 此文档是CY7C68013A官方datasheet的中文译本,学习CYPRESS的EZUSB FX2的朋友们可以看一下。 68013A模块的硬件实现是选取Cypress公司的EZ-USB FX2系列芯片中的CY7C68013A芯片。 该芯片集成了USB2.0系统微处理器,兼容USB1.1;不过该芯片只支持两种传输速率:全速 12Mbps和高速480Mbps,不支持低速1.5Mbps;芯片内嵌有IIC PROM控制器,可以直接在IIC总线上悬挂 E2PROM存储器。 Ti assicuro puoi controllare che il Cypress 68013A ha un campo bIntrval che può andare da 1 a 255 ms. Il solo dubbio è che questo è un dispositivo HID (human interface device) e Sep 05, 2010 · CYPRESS 68013A(FX2LP系列)开发手记——Cypress KB集锦(2)_yubsh_新浪博客,yubsh, ... The FIFOs have a space of 4KB.According to your data sheet, an area of 2x 512 bytes in the FX2 ... Transfer of package manufacturing from Cypress Philippines to Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (JCET) for select products PCN094786 May 28, 2018