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This document is available to everyone and anyone for classroom use and/or study. You may modify it in any way you wish and you need not credit Seton Hall. If you have a lesson plan of your own, on one of the three major monotheistic religions or especially in their interactions, please consider submitting it to us at [email protected]

Free printable religious worksheets and activities for kids - Page 2 Test your knowledge of the history of ancient Greek myth and religion using this interactive quiz and printable worksheet. Use these practice... Worksheets for Religious Education . Back to School Resources for Teachers; Puzzlemaker - Discovery Channel School - Excellent tool!; All the Stations of the Cross in Printable Coloring Pages - in Acrobat Reader format (pdf) - very slow to load because very large file, but well worth the wait

World Religions (Era 3) [W3.2] Content Objective(s): The learner will (TWL) analyze how the six of the seven major world religions/belief systems ( Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Sikhism, Christianity, and Islam) grew to significance by charting important facts. Worksheets. by Leanne Guenther. I decided to share all the various printable worksheets I've made and used with my girls over the years; these are mainly Bible story worksheets. Puzzles are some of our favorite learning tools so I've included lots of them; I think they're a great way to pass the time and reinforce vocabulary and spelling lessons. Are you teaching religion and need some printable church worksheets? You are in the rght place. This is a great way to teach children in Sunday school or at home! Pick a worksheet you like and add your own details. Customize this sheet for your lesson! Have fun learning and teaching with this selection of unique and exciting church worksheets.