Dart out sheets

There are many different combinations of numbers you can use to successfully double-out in an ’01 dart game. If you are looking for a different out number combination click here for the Alternate outs section. Here are the standard out number combinations for 301, 501 and 801 dart games.

This set of sheets can be used to signup, run and pay out dart tournaments from small blind draws to larger events (currently up to 128 players per event - more to be added later). There are separate sheets for Signups, Round Robins, Knockouts, Seeding, Payouts and Instructions (as well as this General Information page). Feel free to download and use these signup sheets for your dart tournament needs. They provide space for up to 48 players, with easy to use columns for entrée fees paid in, a high out pot, mystery out pot and an extra side pot. I designed them myself and have been using them for over a decade.

Outchart for dart '01 games. '01 Out Chart "Any double, no matter how small or subtle, can be overcome with a sufficient application of brute force and dogged persistence." A more recent version of darts cricket, to take into account the rise of the Twenty20 form of the game, has been developed in Nottingham. The 'batting side' has 7 sets of 3 darts to score as many 'runs' as they can. The first 2 sets of darts are the 'powerplays' and count the full score, the following 5 sets of darts score half points, rounded up. 3 Dart out shots 90- 81. The numbers from 81 to 90 can be shot out by either a treble plus a "normal" double or by 2 singles and bull's eye. From 81 to 85 there is an option to sacrifice the possibility of a 2-dart out for getting on a "normal" double, but you have to start on bull for this. 82 should be played via bull only. A great trick is to subtract 89, 97 and 100 from your out number. Whatever you out happens to be, subtract a ton (one hundred points) and see if the number that’s left is a one dart out that you like. 3 & 2 Dart Checkout Table Score 1st 2nd 3rd Score 1st 2nd 3rd Score 1st 2nd 3rd Score 1st 2nd 170 T20 (60) ... darts-checkout-table.xlsx Author: Louis Venter

May 2013 - And just when you think you have it all figured out, Jeff Richardson from Georgetown, Ontario pointed out that on 54 with 2 darts, S18-D18 offers a safety with S4. May 2013 - Jeff also pointed out that on 63 with 3 darts, T9 leaves 36 and S9 leaves 54 with 2 darts in hand.