Mq 9 gas sensor datasheet 2n3904

MQ-4 for Methane, CNG Gas MQ-5 for Natural gas, LPG MQ-6 for LPG, butane gas MQ-7 for Carbon Monoxide MQ-8 for Hydrogen Gas MQ-9 for Carbon Monoxide, flammable gasses. MQ-135 for Benzene, Alcohol, smoke. MQ-2 Sensitive for Methane, Butane, LPG, smoke. This sensor is sensitive for flamable and combustible gasses. The heater uses 5V.

2. SENSORS USED IN THE PROCESS 2.1 MQ-2 Sensor Sensitive material of MQ-2 gas sensor is SnO2, with lower conductivity in clean air. When the target combustible gases exist, the sensor’s conductivity is higher along the gas concentration increasing. MQ-2 gas sensor is shown in fig 1, which has sensitivity to propane, butane and also to natural ...

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Descripción Transistor 2N4401 Pequeña Señal, NPN 40 V 0.6 A 5 MHz de baja potencia usado para propósito general en aplicaciones de conmutación. La tensión de saturación del emisor del colector es inferior a 750mV a Ic = 500mA La ganancia de corriente continua es mayor que 20 en Ic = 0.1 mA Aplicaciones: Procesado de Se TECHNICAL DATA MQ-8 GAS SENSOR FEATURES * High sensitivity to Hydrogen (H2) * Small sensitivity to alcohol, LPG,cooking fumes * Stable and long life APPLICATION They are used in gas leakage detecting equipm ents in family and industry, are suitable for Waveshare MQ-5 Natural Gas Sensor Shield LPG Methane Coal Gas Leakage Detector Module Detection Sensor For Arduino . ... Data sheet : as of 2016-02-09 .pdf [59.55 KB] The Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2) module is useful for gas leakage detecting(in home and industry). ... information about the MQ-2 sensor please refer to the datasheet. 7

IN STOCK: best prices on Seeed 101020045 Grove - Gas Sensor for Carbon Monoxide (MQ-9) - choose between 22 Gas detector. ManoMano. The largest choice of DIY products. This is a simple-to-use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensorsuitable for sensing LPG (composed of mostly propane and butane) concentrations in the air. The MQ-6 can detect gas concentrations anywhere from 200 to 10000ppm. This sensor has a high sensitivity and fast response time. The sensor's output is an analog resistance. The MQ-7 sensor can detect Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas in the air. The concentrations of CO in the air impact the analog ouputs voltage that can be read with a microcontroler. The sensor can measure concentrations from 10 to 10,000 ppm and operate at temperatures from -10 to 50°C. This sensor consumes less than 150 mA at 5 V. This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer. It has a high sensitivity and fast response time. Sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration. The drive circuit is very simple, all it needs is one resistor. A simple interface could be a 0-3.3V ADC. Problems & Solutions beta; Log in; Upload Ask Home; Do-It-Yourself tools; Power tools; tema: diseño y construcción de un sistema de generación de