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Mahanandi is a beautiful temple town close to Nandyala, India and at the foothills of Nallamala forest range. Surrounded by lush forest, fresh water pools and gentle streams, the centuries old temple Mahanandi has a great influence on me.

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Oct 28, 2019 · Hi All, We are planning to travel to India in December and I am planning to get a Visa appointment date for sometime in the first week of December. But i do not see dates (either for OFC or Consular) for December in Chennai. Even I was interested to know about Chennai Public school. Though I heard from my friend's friend that the school is good and also heard that even the ayammas and peon have to be educated to some level and talk in english( not sure how true it is). But the school premises/ground is small.

Jul 08, 2011 · Hi Suganya, U r welcome dear....Sorry coulnt respond to ur emails,was busy last week but anyway i have uploaded here...Name it if u want any other MR novel..... Chennai Corporation Local Body Election Jurisdiction. The area of Greater Chennai Corporation represents about 426 of area split across 200 wards. Every Ward will finally elect a Councillor. Since, the direct election to the Mayor of Chennai has been scrapped by the Tamil Nadu Government, these elected councillors will in-turn elect their ... About us. is a Global Online Community for Indian Women. Indian ladies living around the world come here to discuss various topics, engage in a dialogue, ask questions, get help ... Get Pregnancy, Baby Care and Parenting tips, styles, skills, personalized advice, notifications from 2 million verified parents & experts in India. Join