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50 Square Grid: Excel Spreadsheet Football Squares: 50 Square Grid with Quarter Lines: 50 Square Grid for The Big Game: 50 Square Grid with Halftime Lines: 25 Square Grid for The Big Game: 10 Line Football Squares: Best Super Bowl Square Numbers

The easiest way to run your Super Bowl Squares football pools online. Still prefer pen and paper? Use our free templates to print and fill out your grid!

Jan 10, 2014 · The game of Football Squares, or Super Bowl Squares, is a game where each player picks one or more squares in a 10 x 10 grid. The game is played typically as follows. The rows and columns correspond to the home and visiting teams respectively. Football squares are one of the easiest and most common way for football fans to bet on the Super Bowl, but many are unfamiliar with the rules and strategy for this basic betting opportunity. To start, take an empty 10 x 10 sheet thus giving you 100 total squares. As is the case with many Super Bowl parties, the one attended had a pool for betting on the score after each quarter. For those unfamiliar with the Super Bowl pool, the basic idea is that anyone can participate in the pool by purchasing boxes on a 10×10 grid. Our FREE Football Squares Pool Template can be used for your next office pool. This template works great for the Superbowl! Enter the Home and Away teams into the template, as well as randomly drawn numbers from 0 to 9. Determine payouts and then print the template as a sign-up sheet. Jan 22, 2019 · 10×10 100 Super Bowl Betting Squares Grid Board for Home or Office Parties Without a doubt, the most popular betting pool for the big game is the 100 square contest. Here’s the easy run down on how to make one if you have never seen it before. Office Pool Hosting for Football Pools, including NFL and College Football Pools, March Madness Pools, NCAA Basketball Tournament Pools, Pick the Bracket, Pickem Pools, Survivor Pools, Share Pools, Superbowl Squares, Fantasy Football.

If your Super Bowl pool is with your coworkers, it may be easier just to do a final score payout when you get back to work on Monday. Match the last digit of the team’s final score with the grid to determine the winner. For example, if the score is 21-14, then match up the 1-4 with the correct teams on the grid to decide who gets the payout. Feb 03, 2019 · Super Bowl squares is a game of chance where people can purchase squares on a grid, each of which are assigned two numbers. ... pool, you can go up to 100 x 100 for a grid, but if you’re running ... Our 2019 NFL Survivor Pool is back and better than ever. It's also hosted on this Web site for the first time, so no need to go anywhere else to play. This version of the survivor pool features a new design. One of the great features of We Global Football are the spreadsheets. The spreadsheets are free to download, and you can track any tournament, qualification, or whatever else we come up with. The macros are 100% safe to use. Here are some screenshots of prior sheets. Click the images to see larger.