2e25 tube datasheet

The following tubes CANNOT BE TESTED for the reasons stated: 5783WA - voltage reference tube. Model TV-7/U not suitable 5960 - required voltage and current not available in TV-7/U 6528 - too high powered to test 6798 - TR tube. Model TV-7/U not suitable 7077 - ceramic metal planar triode. Requires adapter not available

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Dieter’s Nixie Tube Data Archive This file is a part of Dieter's Nixie- and display tubes data archive If you have more datasheets, articles, books, pictures or other information about Nixie tubes or other display devices please let me know. Thank you! Document in this file Reflector (Sovtek) – IN-2 (ИН-2) – original datasheet The underscore and these letters are not part of the tube type number. This is done in case of equal tube type numbers for different tubes. e.g. 6C9_Maz is the Mazda 6C9, the 6C9_Fiv is the Fivre 6C9 and the 6C9 is the USA 6C9. See also the Brands list. This website is 3 years old with over 5000 tube types in almost 4000 data-sheets. 2002-04-20 The layout has been changed a bit so that each data sheet index table has a maximum of 250 datasheets. In case of more then 250 data sheets per page the tables are split in to multiple pages. 2002-07-24 5000 datasheets on-line!

Please enter the tube number: This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein. Aug 01, 2013 · I can't find a good data sheet for the 2E25: one of the few tubes missing from Frank's pages. There is also a 2E22 (different pinout and bulb). The 2E24 is a pentode with the suppressor connected to a center-tap on the filament, and the 2E26 is a pentode with the suppressor connected internally to the cathode, while the 2E25 is a tetrode. - open data sheet and curves. 12 USD - fixed prices (without rebate) are in blue. To put item to basket - click on the basket picture or price. 13 USD - each click on the price add one more pcs to the basket. 14 USD - prices with special offer are in red. Mouse placing gives discount information. ~15 USD - estimated prices are in grey.