Vifa xt25sc90 04 datasheet

Driver FRD & ZMA files I have compiled a set of driver response files for several of the drivers that I've worked with in the past. Most of these files were traced from the manufacturer's plots using SPLTrace but some of them were downloaded.

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Older and discontinued Vifa units are also sometimes still produced for large quantity Special Orders, please email us for possible availability. The Falcon Vifa Archive contains PDF’s and datasheets for many older Vifa models and we hope is a useful resource when replacing drive units. Please email us for suitable current alternatives. Jul 10, 2017 · Vifa NE19VTS-04: 19mm soft dome, Fs 743 Hz, Sens 88 dB, 80W, Madisound, USD 33. Flat SPL from 2.5KHz and up, small 52mm face plate, protector beam above the dome tweeter. High quality driver, from the Vifa NE range, all of which have neodymium magnets and distortion reducing features. The 25mm NE25VTS, USD 39, is a close cousin. D26NC05 PDF Vifa D26NC05 1" Textile Dome Autosound Tweeter DQ25SC16-04 PDF Vifa DQ25SC16-04, 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter DX19TD05 PDF Vifa DX19TD05-04, 3/4" 4 ohm Tweeter VIFA Speaker Application Notes: ... MG27TG39-04: 1" dome tweeter, fabric diaphragm, ferrofluid, wide dispersion design, double chamber XT LINE ... Vifa XT25TG30 is the larger dome version of the XT19 and features 25mm Dual concentric diaphragm, Non-reflective dual chamber, controlled directivity, Wave-guide center plug, copper-clad aluwire VC and braided leads. Imp - 4 ohm SPL - 91.5dB Fs - 589Hz Flange 104mm Cutout 73.5mm D 41mm XT25BG60-04 Data Sheet

Found 136 records in Search of High Efficiency Speaker Asylum. 1: Re: Running compression drivers without horns (11.32) Posted by Scholl on 2006-04-01, 16:29:13 ( Yes with the 6303 and DH1A but I only have one DH1A. They seem promising for the 800hz crossover to 12s and 15s in the home. Explore Kvadrat’s universe of timeless, visionary textile solutions. Discover intriguing events, cases and art projects. Spark your curiosity. Sep 28, 2015 · 1. Is the box in rectangle shape i see the depth at the bottom is more than the top, 2. in picture 2 , the cutout to flushmount/recess the drivers on the baffle is the best way to do,more like a horn shape to 100% reduce diffraction effects,usually people end up though flushmounting with sharp edges.. This member of the XT tweeter family utilizes two Tymphany technologies to deliver exceptional sound quality: the ring radiator patent, and the central waveguide patent.