Sheet membrane waterproofing for concrete

Waterproofing concrete and plaster with Resene X-200 waterproofing membrane Resene X-200 is a thick paint or coating that offers a decorative low sheen finish to concrete and plaster finishes while protecting and waterproofing them. It flows into and fills voids and hairline cracks (up to 1mm wide), which is where any leaks are likely to occur.

The Use of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) on Waterproofing Membranes over Concrete Surfaces : By Danielle Czyzewski, Carole Cummings and Brian Glover, Pie Consulting & Engineering Waterproofing membranes are a key element in building enclosure systems—a key element that ultimately gets covered up by a variety of finish materials including landscaping, green roofs, topping slabs, pavers and ...

The waterproofing membrane system comprises a primer, a preformed sheet or liquid applied membrane, and may also include a protective layer and a tack coat. The waterproofing membrane is overlain by an asphalt wearing course.

Patterson-Stevens offers concrete restoration, concrete waterproofing, concrete grouting, concrete repair, and other specialized commercial and industrial concrete services. For over 45 years we have served the Buffalo, Upstate New York, Virginia, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania areas. Fosroc® Proofex Engage Pre-applied waterproofing membrane conforming to the requirements of BS EN 13967:2004 and BS 8102:2009. Proofex Engage mechanically bonds to poured concrete, remaining in place if settlement of substrate occurs. Uses Waterproofing and gas proofing membrane for concrete basements, lift pits, carparks and other water excluding