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Feb 03, 2004 · I need to calculate the normal force and the tension in the string. I am really not sure how to solve this problem. My thinking was that the normal force exerted by the inclined plane would be equal in magnitude to the force of gravity, but opposite in direction. Fg=50kg*9.81*sin(60)=-Fn But, I am not sure that this is really true.

Jan 12, 2017 · If the two forces are equal, the tension will just be the same as either force. Think of one force as holding one end in place and the other as providing the tension.

Sep 03, 2017 · There's another tension force physics problem that asks you to calculate the tension in two cables / ropes where one rope is in the horizontal direction and the second rope is at an angle. How do you calculate the force in a compression flange based on the moment? Hi, I am trying to calculate how much force is in the compression flange of a portal column based on its moment. I have to design a torsional restraint (capable of withstanding 2.5% of the force of the compression flange). The Lineman's Pocket Reference - Guy Wire Tension Calculator Mar 29, 2018 Guy wires are used to keep poles from leaning when a power line goes around a curve in the road or along a right of way. Jul 01, 2008 · Tension elements: Elongation due to axial load Calculator: Calculates elongation (as well as stress and strain) for prismatic elements subject to axial force.. Wood tension element capacity Calculator: Calculates capacity of a wood tension element based on allowable tension on net area (reduced by bolt holes) and, if desired, row and group tear-out.

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