Cross section volume formulas

Toroid Inductor Formulas and Calculator. Toroidal inductors are often used in pulsed power and power conditioning applications since the magnetic fields are largely confined within the volume of the form. All of the formulas on this page are shown assuming an air core toroidal inductor.

How to use the volume formulas to calculate the volume. Cube The length of a side = a = 2 cm Volume = (2 cm) = 2 cm × 2 cm × 2 cm = 8 cm 3. Cylinder The height is 8 inches and the radius is 2 inches. Another formula for the inductance of a circular cross section toroid is shown below: where N is the number of turns, D is the mean diameter of the form as shown in the figure (in inches), and d is the diameter of the windings as shown in the figure (in inches). They may also be wound on a rectangular form as shown in the figure below:

A cross section is the intersection of a three-dimensional figure and a plane. Imagine a plane slicing through the pyramid shown, or through a cone or a prism. Cross Sections of a Right Rectangular Prism - Understanding The figure given below shows the intersection of a cone and a plane. The cross section is a circle.

Lesson 12: The Volume Formula of a Sphere . Student Outcomes Students give an informal argument using Cavalieri’s principle for the volume formula of a sphere and use the volume formula to derive a formula for the surface area of a sphere. Lesson Notes . Students will informally derive the volume formula of a sphere in Lesson 12 . G(-GMD.A.2 Start studying Volume Cross-section Formulas. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.