Sheet pile wall weep holes for retaining

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Mar 04, 2017 · Retaining Wall WITH Weep Hole – Water table at top Total Pressure  = 0.33x submerged unit weight x height + weight of water x weep-hole height. Weep holes are provided using sand or gravel drains to ensure proper functioning of these holes. The number of holes provided depends on the size of structure and height of water table. Sheet Pile Walls. Used to build continuous walls for waterfront structures and for temporary construction wall heights > 6 m if used with anchors. Can be made of steel, plastics, wood, pre-cast concrete. The advantages of using steel sheet-piling: 1. Provides higher resistance to driving stresses; 2. Is of an overall lighter weight; 3.

Non-gravity Cantilevered Walls Sheet-pile wall Soldier pile and lagging wall Slurry (diaphragm) wall Tangent/sectant pile wall Soil mixed wall (SMW) Anchored Walls Ground anchor (tieback) Deadman anchor In-situ Reinforced Walls Soil nail wall Micropile wall FIGURE 2 EARTH RETAINING SYSTEM CLASSIFICATION Aug 31, 2015 · SOLDIER PILE EXPANSION JOINT SECTION THRU SHEET (Looking East) Section modulus and tip elevation piling shall be determined in fino/ Weep Hole for pipe drain Inv. El. 640.43 PILE WALL of sheet design. Hole for storm sewer torch-cut pileSECTION A-A Soldier Pile 60" Storm Sewer Sheet SECTION B-B DETAILS RETAINING WALL ALONG IL 68 (DUNDEE ROAD) CRANE MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL Installation Guide Synthetic Sheet Piling 770-933-8596

Weep holes should be drilled through the wall. Weep holes allow water to escape from behind the wall. These holes should be regularly spaced in the horizontal direction. Retaining walls with a height greater than a few feet should also have weep holes that are regularly spaced in the vertical direction, forming a grid pattern. Sheet Pile Wall Construction. Sheet pile walls are retaining walls constructed to retain earth, water or any other filling materials. These walls are thinner in section compared to masonry walls. Sheet pile walls are generally used for following: Water front structures, i.e. in building wharfs, quays and piers. Building diversion dams, such as ... c. Anchored wall: A sheet pile wall which derives its support from a combination of interaction with the surrounding soil and one (or more) mechanical devices which inhibit motion at an isolated point(s). The design procedures described in this manual are limited to a single level of anchorage. d. Retaining wall: A sheet pile wall (cantilever or applied facing will not increase the strength of the wall and is therefore only used for aesthetic reasons. Precast concrete weathered coping stone DPC Ground level Back of wall to be coated with bituminous paint or lined with heavy duty polythene sheet Cohesive subsoil PVC or similar pipe lining to weep holes 75mm diameter weep holes at 1800mm cts