Adobe illustrator lion tutorial

- A basic understanding of Illustrator and the pen tool - A bit of patience and some drawing skills. Creating the stencil - Start by placing the reference image (the girl) in a new Illustrator document. If you want to make it easier for you to draw you can take it to Black & White in Photoshop first, and increase the contrast.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Adding Pantone Colors. The Pantone Color Matching System, also referred to as PMS colors, is a largely standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

I find that the settings discussed in this Illustrator Tutorial are the one's that I use most often to create the line-art for a technical illustration. Technical Note: There is a known software bug in Adobe Illustrator CS/CS2 in the way the software "renders" (converts to a raster file) paths when exporting to Photoshop. The rasterizing/export ... Apr 19, 2012 · It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to share with you my process of putting together this Zodiac/Leo the Lion themed vector portrait which I created using Adobe Illustrator CS5. This tutorial is full of helpful hints on using a variety of tools in Illustrator CS5 as well as some of the thought processes behind elements of the portrait. A set of FREE step-by-step tutorials about vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator. All articles contain descriptive materials and screenshots. You can learn some new easy and useful tips and tricks, mastering your skills and discovering new techniques. … Great typography can elevate any project and make it look more polished. But when you take text and apply creative and unique text effects, you create a completely different work of art. In this roundup, we’ve gathered the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials for designing highly creative text effects ...

Tutorial for creating a basic logo in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial was created in CS6 and includes screen grabs. Covered in the tutorial are; drawing basic shapes using the pen tool, adding text on a path (around a circle) and using the colour palette... Sign Up With Email. Sign Up. or Jul 17, 2012 · In this tutorial we will learn how to create the information graphics (Infographics) using the standard tools of Adobe Illustrator.We will also show you some ways how to change graph appearance retaining its dynamic functions; i.e. you will be able to edit the data graphs after all transformations. Jun 11, 2014 · With Adobe Illustrator you can create cute animals using only the basic tools and simple shapes with the Pathfinder Panel. If you add some effects and other more intermediate techniques, you will get some really fantastic artworks. Aug 19, 2010 · Adobe Illustrator, the industry-standard vector graphics application, is the tool you use when you need flexible, scalable vector graphics such as logos and artwork that will be printed in various ... 20+ Latest Adobe Illustrator CC & CS6 Tutorials to Learn in 2017 New Year has new beginnings, new experiences and new happenings; everything transforms and evolves. Trends change and we see a lot of variety and glitz when the year begins.