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What the advantages and disadvantages of using it. I know that you can link all your stylesheets in one stylesheet using @import. Then have that one stylesheet linked to all your HTML documents and not have multiple CSS urls on every HTML document.

To be successful using CSS in Dreamweaver, you only have to know how CSS works, then be able to navigate through and use the features Dreamweaver provides for creating CSS. Dreamweaver will do the writing of the code for you. Creating Style Sheets. In learning to create style sheets, it's important that you also know what purpose they serve.

style sheet (also called linked style sheet) discussed later An external style is applied to the entire HTML file and may be applied to any or all pages on the website. External style declarations are written in a separate text file which is then linked to the HTML file. Inline/element Styling (Not so great) Internal Style Sheet (Not bad) External Style Sheet (The best way) Inline or Element Styling. Inline/element styles are the worst because if you ever want to change a style later, you will have to drill down through your HTML to find the element and change its style tag. Please don’t do this unless you ...

Style Sheet Locations for COMS326. By the time you publish your first multi-page site (such as your midterm site review project in coms326), you should know the three basic locations for CSS styling: Inline styles, embedded style sheets, and external style sheets. Inline Styles . An inline style is used when a unique style is to be applied to a single occurrence of an element. To use the inline tag the <style> tag is used in the relevant tag. The style tag can contain any style sheet property. The following example shows how to change the color and left margin of a paragraph. When you use an image in a CSS style sheet, there are four advantages to using them inline in HTML: You don’t need to adjust the relative offsets in each page for the URL. If the image changes size, you don’t have to change anything. If you decide to change the image’s name, you have to change it in only one place, the CSS style sheet. Multiple style sheets can be defined on one page. If for an HTML tag, styles are defined in multiple style sheets then the below order will be followed. As Inline has the highest priority, any styles that are defined in the internal and external style sheets are overridden by Inline styles. Creating Separate Style Sheets for Internet Explorer and Firefox. IE and Mozilla handle CSS instructions differently. It can be annoying but, there is a way to get around it. Make multiple style sheets, one for each type of browser. Then customize each style sheet for it’s corresponding browser.